Jake Caddel is the author of Got Jokes LA.

Doorman, bouncer, seater, crowd-control, celeb security, and took out the trash.

Wiseguys Comedy Club – link to – Wiseguys Clown Club

Home of the Comedy Clowns

Comedy Clown: Lowest rank of comics/comedians.

Even mimes pull rank over these guys.

Keith, Timm, Penny, & Erin!

”I’m tellin’ ya’ this guys bad news!” (Keith on a wired phone at desk)

Erin (Cellulitis & Thunder Thighs booty shorts, sad face)!

Titty Timmy (Lop-sided w/ retarded smile).

Penny (Psycho Beatle Juice).

Caddel (Jester w/ Keith’s wife).