Getting Endorsed by Got Jokes LA

What does Endorsement by Got Jokes LA mean?

 Endorsement means that we have visited a venue in Los Angeles County listed as a Comedy Club and determined that it ‘Passes’ all the necessary checks for being what GotJokes.LA founder Jake Caddel has coined, a “Full-Service Comedy Club.”

“But, why?”

 Our website is established, first & foremost, for tourists who are visiting the comedy scene in Los Angeles County. Most of these tourists are seeking the complete’ comedy club experience – Professional headliners, a table or booth, food & drinks, table service, a toilet, the works!

“Why does Endorsement matter?”

 There are well over 100 establishments listed across Los Angeles County as comedy clubs – ‘Yes, we counted!’ – However, only 11 are proven to be full-service comedy clubs. As far as the remaining 90+ venues – a small handful are professional comedy clubs, but lack one or more of the following: Professional headliners, a table or booth, food & drinks, table service, a toilet. The remaining (the majority) are mostly student-theaters, small cafes, and open-mic hangouts.

 Less than 10% of comedy venues in Los Angeles County are endorsed by GotJokes.LA

What are the checks for getting Endorsed?

 The checks are many, but to name a few:

  1. Professional headliners on a weekly-basis.
  2. A menu with table service.
  3. Seating, stage-view, & reasonable personal space.
  4. Lighting & audio quality.
  5. Crowd control (Hecklers, loud guests, & intoxication).
  6. Cleanliness & bathroom availability.

 These are the BIG ONES tourists are concerned about. But, the truth is, our list has well over 100 checks on it!

How is Got Jokes LA qualified to give Endorsements?

 Let us start by saying, “that’s a fair question.”

 What does give us that right? First of all, GotJokes.LA is private & no one is under any obligation to accept, or agree with, our endorsements.

 With that being said, let us give you a real answer to the best of our ability:

 The founder & owner of Got Jokes LA, Jake Caddel, has years of experience in restaurant management. Training & managing all positions from hosts, servers, bartenders, cooks, food-runners, bussers, dish-washers, security, and even other managers. He’s even worked professional Comedy Clubs as a doorman, seater, bouncer, celeb-security, and crowd-control.

 Furthermore, we know a professional comedian when we see one. From their premises, set-ups, ambiguities, misdirections, punches, tags, call-backs, crowd-work, to a whole lot more! If you’re a tourist reading this and you don’t know what any of those words or phrases mean in comedy, don’t worry, that’s our job!