Established 2024

Jake Caddel’s rescue cat Mimi aka “Memes” is the official mascot of GotJokes.LA

What is Got Jokes LA?

A website dedicated to covering comedy across Los Angeles County.

What is the Mission of Got Jokes LA?

  • We have 3 primary objectives:
  1. To showcase the LA comedy scene to people visiting Los Angeles.
  2. To be an online manual for aspiring comedians in LA.
  3. Quality-control, featuring only the top comedy clubs for tourist & best mics for aspiring comics.

Do you have a physical location?

We are exclusively online!

Who owns GotJokes.LA?

Some white-guy from San Marcos.
Boring, we know!

Do you have an App?

Nope! Our website is our brand. It will detect your device & auto-adjust – instantly!

Are you on social-media?

We currently use 3 social-media platforms:
@GotJokesLA / @OpenMicsLA

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  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram

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