Why Los Angeles is the Comedy Capital of the World

Here are the 6 reasons why Los Angeles truly is the Comedy Capital of the World.

No. 1

The first comedy club in the world

   Ice House was opened in Pasadena in 1960. It was, in its origin, a folk music club that became the first club in the world to host comics who needed a place to try out their material. From 1960 to 1963, the Ice House was the only venue that booked stand-up comics.

No. 2

The first ‘all stand-up’ comedy club in the world

   The Comedy Store was opened in West Hollywood in 1972. It was the 1st club in the world to only host stand-up comics. The club was founded by stand-up comic Sammy Shore, his wife Mitzi, and comedy writer Rudy DeLuca. When Sammy was on the road, Mitzi ran the club – booking & scheduling comics to perform.

No. 3

The largest comedy club in the world

   Laugh Factory, originating in Hollywood in 79′, opened its Long Beach club in 08′ – a $10 million, 12,500 square-foot, 650 seat juggernaut of comedy clubs. Founder & owner Jamie Masada then continued the chains expansion, opening clubs in Las Vegas & Chicago in 12′, Reno in 18′, San Diego in 21′, and Covina in 23′.

No. 4

The most legendary comedy clubs in the world

   To clarify – the most ‘number of’ legendary comedy clubs in the world. Or, as we like to call them here at Got Jokes LA,

– “The Big 6”
    1. Ice House of Pasadena, 60′
    2. The Comedy Store of West Hollywood, 72′
    3. Improv of West Hollywood, 75′
    4. Laugh Factory of Hollywood, 79′
    5. Laugh Factory of Long Beach, 08′
    6. Flappers Comedy Club of Burbank, 08′

No. 5

The most famous stand-up comics in the world

  To clarify once more – the most ‘number of’ famous stand-up comics in the world. Comics come from all over, but most are developed & launch their careers in Los Angeles. For instance,

  1. Richard Pryor started in NYC
  2. David Letterman in Indiana
  3. Andy Kaufman in Boston
  4. Jay Leno, also Boston
  5. Robin Williams in San Francisco
  6. Kathy Griffin in LA
  7. Jim Carrey in Toronto
  8. Chris Rock, also LA
  9. David Spade, also LA
  10. Dave Chappelle in DC

   All developed as comics & got their big breaks in LA. Trust us, this is the short list, listing all of the stand-up comics who made it in LA would make this article a short novel, at best!

No. 6

“Cause’ we said so!”


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