Wiseguys Comedy Club – The Top chain outside of California

Wiseguys Comedy was opened by founder & owner Keith Stubbs in 2001.

3 locations in Utah

2 locations in Las Vegas

Wiseguys Comedy Club

 All 5 locations are full-service comedy clubs – Professional comics, food & drinks, cocktails, table service, a toilet, the works!

 Wiseguys Comedy Club books the biggest names in the industry from Kevin Hart, Joe Rogan, Whitney Cummings, Steve-O, to Pauly Shore – and a whole lot more!

 Wiseguys also has open-mics weekly, and has a long track record of producing nationally touring openers. Industry headliners rely on Wiseguys to produce new opening talent.

 The author of Got Jokes LA, Jake Caddel, visited Wiseguys Comedy Cafe in Ogden, Utah during his youth in the early 2000’s, eventually performing his first open-mic at Wiseguys SLC in June 2021, immediately beginning to work for the Club as a Bouncer.

 Now, Caddel lives in Los Angeles, and is on a mission to build his own Platform and inevitable career as a professional headliner.

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