The Top 11 Comedy Clubs in Los Angeles

   In Los Angeles County these are, literally, the only 11 establishments that provide the ‘full comedy club’ experience. Or, what we like to call, a “Full-Service Comedy Club.” – Professional comics, food & drinks, cocktails, table service, a toilet, the works!


1. Ice House – Pasadena

  Founded September 23, 1960 by Bob Stane, the legendary Ice House in Pasadena is the oldest comedy club in the world. It was – in its origin – the only place in the world for comics to try out their material.

   Yes, you read that right, ‘world’ i.e. globe, planet earth, 3rd rock from the sun, spec of dust in the cosmos… World!

   In 2019, the Ice House was purchased by co-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Johnny Buss.

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2. The Comedy Store – West Hollywood

   Founded April 7, 1972 by comedian Sammy Shore, his wife Mitzi, and comedy writer Rudy DeLuca – The Comedy Store is located on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, and is the first ‘all stand-up’ comedy club in the world, with shows 7 nights a week.

   There is a full bar at the patio on your way into the – not 1, not 2, but 3 showrooms – Main Room, Original Room, & Belly Room (Upstairs). You don’t need a ticket to a show to enjoy food & drinks on the patio, but The Comedy Store does host the biggest names in the industry, just sayin’.

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3. Hollywood Improv – West Hollywood

   Originally founded – with its trademark piano & brick wall – in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City in 1963 by Budd Friedman. The Hollywood Improv on Melrose Avenue is the second location of the brand, opened by Friedman in 1975.

   The Improv has a full restaurant & bar on the way into both showrooms. You don’t need a ticket to a show to enjoy the restaurant & bar. However, the Improv also host the biggest names in the industry, so do whatever you want, we’re just sayin’.

   Don’t tell anyone we told you, but there’s even a bar you can sit & order at during the show inside ‘The Lab’ (2nd showroom). Hint – “Early bird gets the worm.”

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4. Laugh Factory – Hollywood

   Founded in 1979 by owner Jamie Masada, the Laugh Factory is located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. The establishment is a juggernaut in-person & online.

   If you’ve spent any amount of time on social-media – whatsoever – then you’ve probably seen numerous viral stand-up clips of comics performing live at the Laugh Factory. This is because the Laugh Factory has elevated the careers of countless comedians & continues to foster up-and-coming talent.

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5. The Comedy & Magic Club – Hermosa Beach

   Founded July 5, 1978 by owner Mike Lacey – The Comedy & Magic Club is located in Hermosa Beach, a 1.4 square-mile city & tourist hot spot.

   If you visit Hermosa, which we strongly recommend, everything is within walking distance. Arrive, park, and enjoy the city. You can literally see people playing volleyball on the beach from the crosswalk to the comedy club, and that’s no joke!

   The Comedy & Magic Club has a restaurant menu, with cocktails, to accommodate the shows.

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6. Ha Ha Comedy Club – North Hollywood

   Founded in 1988 by owners Jack and Tere Assadourian, Ha Ha Comedy Club is located on Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood. Jack is a Armenian man from Lebanon & Tere is from Mexico City, making the establishment proudly 100% immigrant owned.

   One thing that makes this club so unique is – on top of having a main showroom, it also has a patio with a stage & seats for shows outside. There is a bar on the way to the showroom & patio. You can enjoy food & drinks with sports TV, or a comedy show, or Both!

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7. Laugh Factory – Long Beach

   Opened in 2008 by owner Jamie Masada – the Laugh Factory of Long Beach is a $10 Million, 12,500 square-foot, 650 seat venue, making it the largest comedy club in the world.

“Did we already say, juggernaut?”

   It is located in the tourist hotbed of Long Beach – surrounded by hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, theaters, rides for adults & children, and of course, the Beach.

  It is also home to the official Laugh Factory Stand-up Comedy Hall of Fame and Museum, which holds over 500 pieces of comedy memorabilia.

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8. Flappers Comedy Club & Restaurant – Burbank

   Founded in 2008 by Barbara Holliday & Dave Reinitz, Flappers Comedy Club & Restaurant is located in downtown Burbank.

   Flappers Comedy provides an impressive restaurant menu for adults & kids. The venue officially has 2 showrooms – the Main Room & Yoo Hoo Room. Technically, the bar has a stage with tables & seats – mostly used for open mics, but does have four walls!

   One thing that makes this club so unique is – it has a dining area aside from the showrooms & bar. You can enjoy the establishment as a comedy club, restaurant, bar, or all-of-the above. But remember, Flappers Comedy does host the biggest names in the stand-up comedy business.

   As of 2022, Flappers Comedy Club & Restaurant is 100% female owned by Barbara Holliday.

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9. The Stand-Up Comedy Club – Bellflower

   Founded in 2019 by owners John and Scarlett Giries – The Stand-Up Comedy Club is located in Bellflower, a beautiful & growing city east of Compton.

   The thing we love most about The Stand-Up Comedy Club, it’s the only full-service comedy club located in southern LA County – aside from beachside – offering food & drinks, cocktails, & table service. If you’re in South LA, you don’t have to drive all the way to Beachside, Hollywood, or the Valley, to enjoy the complete comedy club experience.

“You have The Stand-Up Comedy Club to thank for that!”

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10. The Comedy Chateau – North Hollywood

   Founded in 2021 by owner Felix Mcnulty, The Comedy Chateau is a comedy club with a beautiful vintage French setting, both outside & inside. It is located in the valley on the border of North Hollywood & Toluca Lake.

   There is a bar on the way into both showrooms – Yorick (Main room) & St. Felix (2nd room). You don’t need a ticket to a show to enjoy food & drinks at its classically themed bar. However, the Chateau regularly hosts the biggest comics in Hollywood.

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11. Laugh Factory – Covina

   Opened in 2023 by owner Jamie Masada – the Laugh Factory of Covina is located inside the iconic Covina Theater, which has undergone a multi-million dollar investment by Covina City to transform the historic theater into the crown jewel of Covina’s main street.

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